Principal Desk

Dear Parents,

There is nothing dearer to the hearts of parents than their children. The Child Education Society promotes schools which recognise that parents are the first educators of their children. Schools run by the society, help parents in this most precious task.

"Noida Public School is a dedicated school to understanding and meeting the different needs of students in each phase of their development from childhood through adolescence to young adulthood."

NPS fosters an atmosphere of trust, love and respect for every person as the foundation for sound education. The highly qualified professional staff of the school works closely with parents to ensure that both home and school provide the best environment for the overall growth of our children. Our focus is not only towards academics but we also lay emphasis on providing opportunity to each child to explore his or her own capabilities and area of interest, so that they can desire to pursue their own dreams. For this, we provide productive extra-curricular activities to help the child in becoming the best version of their selves. NPS implements a philosophy of Personalized Education. NPS fosters excellence and firmly believes that Excellence can only be achieved when every individual is guided towards developing his or her potential as an individual and a member of society.

School life is extremely crucial for the development of good habits and character which are the building blocks of excellence. The habit of study, the love for learning, the quest for truth, the responsible use of freedom, personal integrity and a willingness to help in improving society, are especially important. These tools are essential to empower the student to become an excellent professional and a responsible citizen. It is well known that the critical developmental period for these qualities is up to the age of twelve years. The earlier a child benefits from education fostering these good qualities; the better chance a child has to reach his or her full potential and to make a positive contribution in the) society.

I look forward to meeting you.

Yours sincerely

Noida public school