Our Mentors

The key to Quality Education is well qualified, trained and motivated teaching staff. We at Noida Public Sr. Sec. School are lucky to have a team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated Teachers. The dedicated teaching facility strive contiinuously to improve the board result every year. The experience and professional ability of our teaching staff enables every child to acquire academics skills and develop the ability of problem solving. The teachers regularly attend workshop and seminars to remain updated on the latest development and changes in teaching strategies and curriculum.

S.No. Name Designation Academic Qualification Professional Qualification
1 Ms. Charu Jain Principal(Business Studies) M.COM MBA, M.ED
2 Ms. Madhulika Admin. Officer B.Tech M.Tech
3 Ms. Ruchika Co-ordinator BBA MBA
4 Mr. Jitender Singh PGT(Physics) M.Sc B.Ed
5 Ms. Sushma Chauhan PGT(Hindi) M.A B.Ed
6 Ms. Madhu Wahie PGT(Commerce) M.Com B.Ed
7 Ms. Rekha C Sharma PGT(Biology) M Sc. B.Ed
8 Ms. Sutapa Sarkar PGT(English) M.A B.Ed
9 Mr. Vanjul Chaudhary PGT(Mathematics) M.sc. B.Ed
10 Ms. Heena Chauhan PGT(Political Science) M.A B.Ed
11 Ms. Ravneet Kaur PGT(Economics) M.A B.Ed
12 Ms. Anuradha Chauhan PGT(Commerce) M.Com B.Ed
13 Mrs. Shweta Aapen PGT(Computer Science) M.Tech B.ED
14 Ms. Chhaya Rastogi PGT(Chemistry) M.Sc B.Ed
15 Mr. Pramod PGT(Geography) M.A B.Ed
16 Mr. Ashwani Rawal PGT(Physical Education) B.PE M.PED.
17 Ms. Kamlesh Rana TGT(Sanskrit) B.A B.Ed
18 Mr. Vinod Kumar Chauhan TGT(Maths) B.A B.Ed
19 Mr. Naresh Sajwan TGT(Physical Education) B.P.ED B.Ed
20 Mr. K.D Jha PGT(Maths) M.Sc B.Ed
21 Ms. Monica Ganguly TGT(Science) M.SC. B.Ed
22 Ms. Anjali Sharma TGT( Sanskrit) M.A. B.Ed
23 Ms. Rimple Kaul TGT(English) M.A B.Ed
24 Ms. Vibha Rai TGT(Computer Science) B.TECH M.TECH
25 Ms. Simmy Abraham TGT(Social Science) B.A B.Ed
26 Ms. Neelam Bhandola PRT All Subjects M.A B.Ed
27 Ms. Uma Swar PRT All Subjects M.A B.Ed
28 Ms. Suhas Pradhan PRT All Subjects B.A B.Ed
29 Mr. Mukesh Kumar PRT All Subjects B.Sc. B.Ed
30 Ms. R N Upadhyay PRT All Subjects M.A. B.Ed
31 Ms. Jyotsana Thakur PRT All Subjects M.A B.Ed
32 Ms. Priyanka Bansal PRT All Subjects B.Com B.Ed
33 Ms. Akriti Sharma PRT All Subjects B.A D.El.Ed
34 Ms. Kirti Dutt Mehta PRT All Subjects M.A B.Ed
35 Ms. Sandeepika PRT All Subjects B.Com B.Ed
36 Mrs Rekha Sharma Librarian B.LIB M.LIB
37 Mr. Parul Soni PRT (Music) M.A Dimploma in Kathak