Facilities - Overview

Media Centre

The School has a state of the art media centre providing facilities for multimedia projects creations including video documnentary, posters, website, animation etc., live link ups with students and educators from Russia and the US and the Computer Aided Learning.

Science & Other Laboratories

The school has spacious and well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science as well as Geography, In order to demystify maths teaching, a well equipped Maths Lab is also maintained.

Educational Excursions and Outings

Excursions and tours are organised regularly. Students are taken to various interesting places which are also sources of knowledge and learning

Magazine & Bulletin

Childrens have opportunity to show rtheir talents, creatice writing, sketching through bulletins and annual magazine - GLIMPSES. Parents are kept informed of the acheivements of their wards through regular circulation.

School Counsellors

The Junior and Senior Wings haev qualified Full-Time Counsellors to deal with children who need special attnetion. Regular interactions take place among parents, children and the counsellor.

Games & Sports

With a view of prooting games and sports, the school has facilities for playing Football, Cricket, badminton, table tennis and hand ball. In addition sustained training is imparted in atheletics also to prepare students for participating in various tournaments. Regular periods are allotted to students for participating in games and sports. Students are imparted practical education under the vigilent eyes of the teachers.