Academics - Overview

Noida Public School Main Entrance

The school is affilated to All India Central Board Of Secondary Education, Delhi upto 10 + 2 level.The syllabii and course of studies offered and pursued at the school are as prescribed by the CBSE for 10 + 2 system.

Pupil and Teacher Ratio:

Ratio Between Teachers & Students 1:20


The aim of this department is to create a home away form home where teaching and learning is fun. The Development of eachi child's individuality is paramount. Montessori teaching methods ensure that the talents of each child are nurtured to acheive his or her full potential.


In the Primary department emphasis is given on 'Learning by doing'. It is intended that at the end of the primary phase of education students would have acquired skills in literacy, oral expression, numeracy and problem solving for the next phase of their education. The level of content gained should also quipt them with the requisite knowledge, values and attitudes for secondary education.


At this level children are encouraged to learn in a variety of ways through experience, experimentation, reading, discussion, asking, listening, thinking and reflecting & expressing oneself in speech and writing both individually and with others. They get oppurtunities of all these kind of activities in the course of development. Besides yhe academic subjects, Sanskrit is taught as third language.


Along with the knowledge of subjects matter, vocatgional & career guidance is also provided to students to prepare them to lead a successfull life. The focus is on ingrafting in them ability for enquiry, critical thinking, and rational judgement, good sense of discipline, moral values within the ever changing social norms of society by positive reinforcement of good work and good behaviour.

Our Examination Policy

Our Examination Policy is according to CBSE guidelines for class I to XII.

Our Examination Committee

There is a Examnation Committee at NPS to carryout all the work related to examinations. The committe is headed by the Examination Incharge and assisted by 3 other teachers efficiently shoulder their responsibilities so that the work of examinations are carried on smoothly.