About Noida Public School - Overview

An Education for Life

Noida Public School Main Entrance

The ocean is where we belong, Noida Public School, one of the renouned school of Noida with the strength of 1,500 students approximately from class nursery to XII situated at very systematically planned sector of Noida, Sector-23, affiliated to CBSE.

Noida Public School is a symbol of high premium value education and holistic development of the child since its inception in 1983 by Ch. Ram Charan Chandra Charitable Trust.

We emphasize on "High premium quality value education" among the students because Education is incomplete without placing a high premium on value education so we work upon the young minds and imbue them with ideal of love, forgiveness, hardwork, learning, truth, justice, honesty, peace, righteous, sensitivity, kindness, conduct and service to the society with authentic happiness through these high premium values helps in "HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT".

The growth and development of the child can be maximized only if there is a healthy collaboration between the parents and school as the dictum goes that "A PARENT IS THE FIRST TEACHER AND TEACHER IS THE SECOND PARENT".

"Today knowledge is tomorrow’s learning" for the future of the child. Aiming this concept, our mentors make sincere efforts to give better results years to years and ensures that the students passed out from the school with all the basic skills "Life skills" those are basic but vital to survival in this challenging world and to pursue their career with the philosophy of "Inspire to aspire" and "Creative to co- creators".

School has been constantly progressing to achieve the "desired excellence" in the implementation of teaching and learning practices. Which is helping us to marching on the path of excellence with conviction. For it has constantly achieved a great deal over the years beat curricular, co-curricular programs and moral, social and emotional wellbeing if an individual.

This dedication of our mentors adding confidence and moral responsibility to a strong academic foundation.

Our Aim

The aim of the Noida Public School is to prepare a leader. A leader is someone who inspire and empower their team to realize their dreams.